Can I Swim in My Colored Contact Lenses?

Dec 03 , 2019

Can I Swim in My Colored Contact Lenses?

Can you swim with touch lenses?


We recognize we understand, you couldn't get sufficient of our colored touch lenses - and how your appearance and experience in them! Maybe you put on them only for the style replace - and maybe you wear them so that you can see more than a foot in the front of you. Either way, you love them and also you want to look excellent at the seashore or by means of the pool.

Can I put on my colored contact lenses in the pool?
We get this query all of the time. What approximately at the beach? How about if it’s not salt water. If you ask any eye doctor, you’ll get an equal answer. NO!

We are aware of it’s tempting. We understand. But, right here at Lamon Beauty, our No. 1 intention and focus is for your health and protection. And truly - don’t shower in them both. Sorry!

But WHY?
You can be wondering why. If you’re like us - you perhaps don’t precisely like to be instructed what to do ;). We promise we aren’t feeding you arbitrary rules simply to be bossy. So, we’ll tell you a little bit about why you want to keep away from watersports (and bathe) while wearing your colored touch lenses. And this is applicable to ANY contact lenses of any type.

No, remember how clear the water looks - yes, even inside the brightest blue Caribbean waters, it is the comfiest and fun natural home for an extensive type of microorganisms and bacteria. Whether it’s a swimming pool, lake, move, ocean, hot bathtub, or plain antique’ tap water.

We aren’t trying to gross you out. You come into touch with these microbes all day every day and your frame has protection mechanisms that keep you healthy and safe. Unfortunately, as secure and snug as our colored touch lenses are, they're not totally herbal. And meaning they intervene together with your body’s natural protection mechanisms.

Contact Lenses are Porous
Think of them as tiny sponges that could take in beverages. That’s practical for the sake of consolation and wearability. We want our colored touch lenses to take in enough beverages to maintain them shifting efficaciously and hold our eyes from drying out. With the assist of natural tears and in some instances drops, contact lenses keep their flexibility. However, water this is absorbed into your contact lens is trapped towards the eye. Microbes in that water can then attack the surface of the attention.

Normally, while water touches your eye’s surface, your anxious gadget alerts a reaction and you blink, pushing those microorganisms and microorganisms away, and tears help to flush them out. But, whilst you’re carrying a contact lens, the one's microbes are capable of hiding under and keep away from being evidently blinked and washed away.

Can I Swim in My Colored Contact Lenses?

Beaches, Lakes, and Swimming Pools - Oh My God!
So, here’s the thing. If you’re swimming inside the ocean, a lake, a pond, or a river, you’re probably to come back into touch with extra certainly going on microorganisms which could cause eye infections.

If you spend your summer within the pool and funky evenings inside the jacuzzi, you’ll discover chemical compounds that create extra inflammation in the eye, which allows microbes even greater opportunity to contaminate.

Acanthamoeba is a microorganism observed even in handled and filtered faucet water (ahem… your shower).

Other Issues
So, maybe you get away the microorganisms and bacteria found in faucet water to your shower, chlorinated water, and at the beach. There are different very legitimate reasons to avoid wearing your touch lenses to swim or bathe.

Water reasons touch lenses to swell, making them much less snug on the eye. Water can also wash away your natural tear movie, that's lubricating and enables preserve your eyes feeling so dry.

Chemicals in swimming pools can purpose the tissue of your eye to come to be red, swollen, and infected. Salt in ocean water can worsen the surface of your eye. And there's also the danger of losing your contact lenses even as swimming or showering.

What If I Want to Do it Anyway?
We strongly advocate you completely chorus from sporting contact lenses of any kind whilst swimming. If you are decided to do it anyway, and willing to take the risk, we notably advocate you wear every day disposable and throw them away right now after swimming.

If you revel in poor consequences after swimming in your contact lenses, together with redness, pain, inflammation, light sensitivity, uncommon discharge, or blurred imaginative and prescient, throw the lenses away right now.

If those symptoms final a number of hours, get in contact together with your eye health practitioner proper away. And very own up to swimming to your contact lenses, in order that they know the way to offer help.