The Best Blue Gray Colored Contact Lenses Revealed!

Nov 09 , 2019

The Best Blue Gray Colored Contact Lenses Revealed!

Making a statement with colored contact lenses has never been easier in. After all, a decade ago people had very few options to choose from when it came to changing their eye color, then fast forward a few years to now and there are more shades to consider than we ever thought possible! If you’re in the mood to really transform your look this season, why not opt for blue-gray eyes?

Here are our top five picks for the best-colored contact lenses in this shade:

The Best Blue Gray Colored Contact Lenses Revealed!

Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo For A Youthful Look - This color from BLUE CONTACTS with no limbal ring and has a blend of several tones to achieve a truly one of a kind style. Blue, gray, and even hints of gold and green come together in an interesting pattern, and since they don’t have a limbal ring, they look incredibly natural. Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo brightens your eyes with an eye color that looks like you were born with it while still being mysterious.



Stay Natural with Solotica Hidrocor Rio Ipanema - The waters of Brazil are a sight to behold, and having an eye color that’s similar in tone is the envy of many around the world. Now you can have this blue-gray tone with Ipanema by Polar Lights Blue Color Contacts. A blend of shades creates a multidimensional look that’s perfect for naturally light or dark eyes. Hints of yellow peek through to lighten up even deep brown eyes, and the multitude of colors makes this a great choice for anyone’s complexion.


A Darker Quartzo From Solotica Natural Colors - One of our best sellers, Quartzo gives you blue-gray eyes with ease, but sometimes people want this look in a bit of a darker option. The Clear Colors Collection by Solotica presents its own Quartzo version, one that’s patterned with a defined limbal ring for a boost of youthful exuberance. Blue and gray are contrasted beautifully by the yellow tones around the pupil, allowing this option to enhance your natural beauty.



Sail Away With Bella Glow Navy Gray - Definitely more on the darker side of things, Navy Gray by Dream Contact Lenses is a deep and rich lens for when you want to look your best. Quite possibly the perfect blend of dark blue and gray, it provides consistent color across the entire lens with a hint of a pattern around the limbal ring. These lenses are incredible for going out on the town, especially if you’re looking to make a lasting impression.


One of the biggest trends in colored contact lenses is the combination of blue and gray to develop some beautiful styles, so why not give this color a try? Check out the five options above at and get ready for affordable lenses with fast shipping!