Mermaid Tears Brown Colored Contact Lenses

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Once I see mermaid tears brown contacts the first time, I know exactly it's what I want. Finally, we got payback after 16 times of improvement.

I believe that you will feel a big surprise when you wear this mermaid brown contact lenses, it's so shiny. The contact lens will be twinkling along with eye roll, especially in the sun, which like these stars live in your eyes. Suit for all people, give you expressive big eyes.

When going to a party, don't want to so display but chase special, these Lamon Beauty mermaid tears brown will be your first choice. As well as have no ideas about the gifts for friends, never forget mermaid tears lenses.

Why we should buy mermaid tears brown lenses?

1.Easy matching for all kinds of makeups. Mainly use brown color, add the other gentle colors, which will offer you one pair of clever eyes, you can wear kinds of makeups to match it, be cool, sweet and gentle as you like.
2.Comfortable materials. Still, are silicone hydrogel, offer you enough comfort level of eyes. Without any foreign body sensation, you can be pretty all day.
3.Fashion trend. Keep up with 2019 fashion, add to popular rainbow elements, this mermaid tears brown lenses always make you walk on the front of fashion.
4.High quality. In order to chase the Lamon Beauty brand's long term growth, we always offer our customers first-class color contacts. With 7 years of experience,?trends target will be reliable and trustable for you.
5. Yearly use effectively preserves moisture for one year.


Packaging:  1 Pair (2 lenses)
Frequency Yearly Wear
Material PolyHema
Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 40±2%
Thickness 0.08mm

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